Thank you for your interest! Tell us a bit more about you!

Thank you for your interest in testing SightPlus!

SightPlus is a wearable headset that can be used to magnify close-up or far-away objects, change the contrast or apply custom filters to anything you are looking at. It is a hands-free, portable, easy-to-use device suitable for a large variety of tasks including watching TV and reading.

With a set of information and peer support, we believe that YOU can embrace this new technology and try SightPlus, yourself! For the upcoming next months, we will have this new way of testing only. It is available in the UK only at the moment.

Here is an overview on how it will work:

  • You need to scroll at the bottom of this page to start your sign up form
  • You go through a set of eligibility criteria. We know that some conditions are essential for you to use SightPlus fully. If you don’t fulfil all the criteria, it means that this solution is not well adapted to your needs and it is better not to go ahead at this stage.
  • You sign an agreement online and give us your bank details so we can take the deposit of £299 to confirm the order and the delivery cost to ship your demo kit.
  • You receive before the kit a tool kit with some videos.
  • Your demo kit is delivered with a couple of headsets for you to try.
  • You keep the device for 2 weeks before taking a decision.
  • You decide to keep it, we keep the deposit and will start the monthly subscription of £39,95.
  • You decide to return it, you will take care of sending it back safely via a courier or recorded delivery and we will refund the deposit.

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